Since 1894, the reference of the Light

Renowned for its expertise in light and its know-how, Girard Sudron has enlightened you since 1894. Specialized in premium and original lighting solutions, Girard Sudron has always been ahead of its time, initiating trends and integrating best technologies in products with a neat aesthetic. To enlighten with Girard Sudron is to choose the quality to embellish and personalize your environment

Light is
our world.

For 123 years, Girard Sudron has been setting standards in the lighting market. Its story has been enshrined over time, and the passion that motivates its teams has been passed down through the generations. From the cover for the first Edison light bulbs which was he basis of its founding in 1894, to the famous 1955 flame design and more recently with the outstanding decorative LED light bulb in 2016, Girard Sudron has confirmed its place as an expert and creator of light. Supported by its history, Girard Sudron has continuously harnessed its expertise and experience in developing irreproachable quality, in keeping with the pure tradition of its craft.

+ de 500 références de lampes :
une large collection de sources esthétiques, originales et durables.
+ de 600 possibilités de luminaires :
un panel de solutions d’éclairage pour réduire sa consommation d’électricité.
+ de 4000 produits d'accessoires d'équipement :
la création et conception de luminaires est sans limite.
Si Girard Sudron est une référence en matière de qualité et d’innovation, c’est avant tout grâce à la confiance et l’attachement très fort à la marque que lui vouent ses clients. Son côté avant-gardiste et novateur, mais aussi la qualité supérieure de ses produits et de ses services ont permis à Girard Sudron de s’inscrire dans l’Histoire de la Lumière et d’être aujourd’hui, au service du futur..
Light: radiant, illuminating, living!


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